New products

Ceiling Lamp Sea Urchin O

Made of metal, crystal, plastic
and a sea urchin.
12V. bulb
H. 55mm W.35mm

Price €: 50

Ceiling Lamp Birdnest

Made of metal, glass and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.60mm W.45mm

Price €: 185

Ceiling Lamp Birds

Made of metal, plastic
and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.45mm W.50mm

Price €: 55

Crystal Chandelier Empire Rod

Made of metal, crystal and glass.
12V. bulb
H.80mm W.60mm

Price €: 160

Bag Lace

Made of old lace.

Price €: 4

Chandelier Turquise

Made of metal and glass.
12V. bulb
H.70mm W.50mm

Price €: 145

Ceiling Lamp Crystal

Made of metal and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.80mm W.45mm

Price €: 140

Chandelier Old Pink

Made of metal, glass
and rose quartz.
12V. bulb.
H.70mm W.50mm

Price €: 145

Crystal Chandelier Empire 6 arms

Made of metal and crystal.
12V bulb.
H.50mm W.40mm

Price €: 135

Painting Man 2

Made of bone, glass and metal.
H.50mm W.45mm

Price €: 40