Flower Vase Turquois

Made of glass and clay.
H.40mm W.15mm

Price €: 12

Flower Vase Black

Made of glass and clay.
H.35mm W.10mm
Price per unit

Price €: 13

Hand Bag Blue

Made of metal and textile.
H.20mm W.10mm

Price €: 12


Made of wood, metal and
vintage cord.
H.10mm W.30mm
Price per unit.

Price €: 3


Made of metal, strass and silk.
H.25mm W.40mm

Price €: 9

Jewelry Box

Made of metal, silk, strass
and beads.
H.20mm W.20mm

Price €: 19

Bracelet Stand

Made of wood, leather, metal
and stones.
H.25mm W.20mm

Price €: 30

Mirror Table Silver Turquoise

Made of metal, stone and glass.
H.120mm W.75mm D.35mm

Price €: 120

Handbag Wedding

Made of wood, leather, metal,
lace and Swarovski stones.
H.25mm W.20mm
Price per unit

Price €: 11

Ring Box

Made of metal and strass.
H.10m W.5mm
Price per unit

Price €: 8